Green Key is an internationally established certification in the tourism industry, focusing on environmental education and awareness. It is an eco labeling specified for tourism businesses (hotels, hostels, conference centers, camping’s etc) that meet certain environmental credentials (like records on energy, water and waste). After the certificate is awarded they can use Green Key eco label as a marketing tool.

It is globally recognized, with 2100 awarded hotels in 41 countries. In Greece, so far there have been 138 Green Key certified hotels, including Grande Bretagne, Hilton Athens, New Hotel, Costa Navarino amongst others.

As the number of environmentally conscious tourists increases (especially within the northern European context), the direct economic benefit stems from creating supply of quality and environmentally friendly services and products. The promotion of the hotel through the website of the international Green Key affiliation is another important factor to the increase of hotel reservations.

Additionally, hotels that have been awarded the Green Key have realized significant reduction in their operational and maintenance costs, as the management of electricity, waste and water is now more efficient. Last but not least, the application of green practices creates a better working and living environment.


  • Identification of the current state
  • Listing of all deviations from the Provisions of the Law and the prerequisites of the Standard as identified by the EEPF (Greek Company for the Protection of Nature)
  • Succesfull installation and implementation of the Company’s Management System with which it is proved that there is full conformity with the Program’s prerequisites/criteria
  • Training of all involved staff
  • Application sent to EEPF
  • Evaluation of the completed Applications by the National Evaluating Committee which decides the awarding to the respective companies. The National Evaluating Committee is consisted of Public Sector Representatives, NGO representatives and reps from other Organizations that are directly affiliated with Tourism, Environmental Education and the preservation of nature, health and customer protection.
  • Official announcement of the awards sending of the certificates to the respective Tourism Facilities
  • Presentation of the awarded companies/facilities in the website of the global GREEN KEY certification coordinator and in the open website of the EEPF (National Coordinator for Greece).

The awarded companies are obliged to:

  • Promote their Award as well as their sticker and eco mark.
  • Have the connected informational documentation that must be visible and easily accessible
  • Promote their awarding in their website, accompanied with the relevant text with the logo of the Program

Connect electronically the relevant Logo (mark) with the website of the program in the Website of EEPF.

Publish their award in the Media

The certification of an Environmental Management System under Green Key, is not compulsory for the Classification of Hotels or Rentals-

Furnished Rooms and Apartments in its respective category (stars/keys).

However, the application of such a System (along with its subsequent certification) leads to the fulfillment of the respective Optional Criterion for both categories (Hotels and Rentals-Furnished Rooms and Apartments).

*We emphasize on the fact that the certification of the company with Green Key, boosts the total rating by 150 points (Hotels) or 150 points (Rentals-Furnished Rooms and Apartments).

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